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Action Title Closes in ALL counties in the State of Florida

We look forward to having the opportunity to work on your behalf and provide you with personalized service and creativity in the closing process.
Upon receipt of your contract to purchase, our office immediately performs title searches, and a title commitment is generated within 48 – 72 hours of receiving an order and sometimes earlier. We also order a municipal lien search, which many companies do not, which gives a picture as to any code violations, open permits or municipal lien, which are prevalent in Florida. Most companies wait until the last minute to perform this function (because it costs money-we won’t back charge you), which limits time to clear any problems and often results in delayed closings. You are contacted early in the transaction by email, mail, and phone, and are kept abreast of the developments in your transaction.
We can assist you with insurance, surveys and inspections. With our broad experience, no closing is too difficult, and we refuse to let even the most difficult transaction fall through. All closings, not just special cases, are expedited. You are special to us.

what do buyer's closing costs include?

  • Appraisal fee
  • Application fee
  • Origination fee
  • Title insurance policy for the lender
  • Inspection fee
  • Flood certification fee (in some areas)
  • Prepaid interest


  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Pro-rated property taxes
  • Tax servicing fee
  • Credit report fee
  • Bank processing fee
  • Recording fee
  • Notary fee
  • Loan discount points

What they are saying...

"My customers are well informed, excited and ready to close."
I never attended closings until I started to work with Action Title. I just sit there and look good. That's why whenever I can, I send my customers to Action Title.

Action Title gets it!"
Pleasantly surprised... Needed a title company in Florida in a pinch and truly got lucky finding Action Title to do our Florida REOs.

A well organized & run closing"
from my customers and their friends. They love Action Title!

"Action Title is the best!"
They helped me with a standardized purchase contract, holds my escrow, and makes my customers comfortable and well informed.
J.S., Developer

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