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What is a Reissue Rate?

A  reissue rate is a discount given by a title insurance company when your existing owner’s policy on the same property is presented.

How do I get a reissue rate for a discount on title insurance?

All we require in order to qualify for the reissue rate is to supply a copy of your owner’s title insurance policy––from when you purchased the property. It’s that simple with Action Title!

Do I have to use the same title insurance underwriter to get a reduced rate on my title insurance?

No. Action Title will accept any title policy underwriter and still give maximum reissue credit.

What is the average reissue rate discount?

The discount will be based on the new loan amount and the prior owner policy amount, and can be up to 40%.

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Reduce Title Insurance Costs

Not only do you get maximum discount reissue credit, but Action Title’s closing fee is below the industry norm which gives you further savings!

Action Title Company’s closing fee is below the industry norm.

With our quality of service, why would anyone not want to refinance through Action Title Company?

Action Title Company also will accept most existing surveys in order to avoid the owner needing to pay for a new survey as part of the refinance, provided no changes have been made. Examples of such changes would be add on a room, new fence or pool. This typically offers a savings of $350-$500.

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